Valaam And Kizhi

  • Please Note: Valaam and Kizhi tours are available only from April to September

    Valaam – Kizhi Tour

    Russian St.Petersburg Tours invites you to participate in a fascinating boat trip over Ladoga lake to some of the most beautiful Russian islands: Valaam and Kizhi. You will get board one of the comfortable motor ships, where single, double and triple cabins with all necessary conveniences (shower, WC, air conditioner, refrigerator) will be at your disposal. There is a restaurant, bars, video- and music halls, disco bar, conference hall, sauna and first-aid station on board. The Valaam-Kizhi cruise operates from the end of May till the end of September.

    Kizki Island View of Valaam Monastery from a Distance


    The shortest Vallam tour by boat from St Petrsburg is a 3 day tour (1 day 2 nights).

    The chirThe Valaam Archipelago, which consists of Valaam Island and about 50 small ones, sits north of St.Petersburg in Lake Ladoga. Valaam monastery is one of Russia’s most ancient and important monasteries. It differs from most monasteries in that it is located on an island. Surrounded by water, far away from the rest of the world, it seems to be designed for a quite life – the life of hermits and ascetics. For many centuries it has been the spiritual center of orthodoxy and, therefore, has been known in Russia as the Northern Athos.

    Valaam Monastery in Full View Entrance of Valaam Monastery Front of Valaam Monastery


    The shortest Kizhi tour by boat from St Petersburg is a 5 day tour (3 days 5 nights). This tour makes 3 stops – Valaam Kizhi-Mandrogi.

    Kizhi, a peaceful and undisturbed island, serves as an outdoor museum of 18th-century wooden architecture. The short, mysterious word “kizhi”, which doesn’t sound Russian, come from the inhabitants of Karelia who called it a place for games: Kizhi. So, it’s the Island for games. The motor ship will sale down the river of Svir and come to the Lake of Onega. And here you’ll see a long and narrow island in the skerries of Onega…

    The architectural ensemble of wooden structures ranks with the very famous world’s creations, such as the Acropolis in Athens and the Forum in Rome, Notre-Dame in Paris and St.Sophia’s cathedrals in Novgorod and Kiev. Tourists can admire wooden churches, bell-towers and houses made by talented Russian carpenters.

    Old Farm House in Kizhi Island Karelia Old Church in the Distance in Kizhi Island Karelia

    The striking Cathedral of the Transfiguration and its 22 domes, all in unpainted wood, are visible from afar. Unfortunately, entry is prohibited so as to slow its inevitable decay. Despite UNESCO protection, not one expert has figured out how to restore the church, built in 1714 without nails.

    RSPB travel has been providing exceptional Valaam and Kizhi tours for our valued clients, to arrange yours, simply contact us for more details.

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