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    The Kolomenskoye Estate Museum is located over the steep banks of the Moskva River in a picturesque landscape of an ancient site of Kolomenskoye surrounded by nearby settlements where sacred things of the Russian people have been created, shown to the world and kept carefully for centuries. The first document to have mentioned the village of Kolomenskoye is the will chart of the Moscow’s Grand Prince Ivan Kalita dated back to 1339.

    “The eighth wonder of the world”, the wooden Palace of tsar Alexey Mikhailovich does not exist anymore; but it was preserved carefully in memories of contemporaries. The white-stone basement of the ancient Palace was discovered by archaeologists from N. A. Krenke’s group. The small state museum was based in Kolomenskoye complex in the 1920s of the XX century; it was transformed into The State Art and Historical-architectural Museum “Kolomenskoye”.


    The XIV century marked a new stage in the development of Kolomenskoye: it became the summer residence of Moscow Grand Princes and Russian tsars. A unique architectural ensemble was created here in XVI and XVII century in order to express the splendour and magnificence of the Russian monarchy; it is culturally and historically invaluable.


    The beautiful Golosov Ovrag (the ravine) with unique geological formations is the place for 3 more remarkable natural sites: a family of springs called “Kadochka” (a little water-bowl) and 2 huge earth-settled stones which served as objects of a pagan cult worship.


    The landscape park with the Linden alley dated by XIX century in the center of Kolomenskoye is a lovely piece of garden architecture; and the alley of ancient oaks situated not far from “Sytny Dvor” (The place where the provisions were stored and dishes for the tsar’s family were cooked) is the pride and joy of the museum.

    Nowadays Kolomenskoye is very popular for its traditional costume festivals such as “Maslenitsa” (folk carnival “farewell-to-winter” celebration) or “Svyatki” (a weekly celebration period between Christmas and Baptism) and folk festival celebrations.

    Address: 39, Andropova pr. Open: 9.00 – 21.00

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