Traces of War on the Anichkov Bridge

  • Traces of War on the Anichkov Bridge

    Traces of War on Anichkov Bridge

    The Anichkov Bridge is one of the most beautiful decorations of Nevsky Prospect with famous sculptures by Peter Karlovich Klodt: “the Horse running with the boys” and “Boy taking his horse by the bridle”.

    During the siege of Leningrad, the bridge was damaged by artillery fire. The attacks damaged granite parapets and railing sections, while the sculptures were dismantled, placed in wooden boxes and buried in the garden of the Anichkov Palace.

    Traces of artillery fire on St. Isaac’s Cathedral.

    After the war, the pedestal was intentionally not restored and next to the trace from German artillery shell a memorial plaque was installed.  It reads: “This is a trace of one of 148478 shells fired by the Nazis in Leningrad in 1941-1944.”

    Other numerous traces of war still can be found throughout the city. Another well known reminder of the war are damaged columns of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.




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