Many Names of St Petersburg

  • Many Names of St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is quite young, but its turbulent history is reflected in its various names, which the people called  St. Petersburg throughout its history.

    1. Venice of the North
    A figurative comparison with Venice, arose from the large variety of bridges and canals. Each has its own name. Many of the bridges are decorated with sculptures. This gives the city a special flavor.
    In the XVIII century the real Venetian gondolas floated on the rivers and canals.

    2. The Northern Palmyra
    A poetic name of St. Petersburg in honor of the ancient trading city of Palmyra in modern day Syria. Entrenched in Russian literature in the classical era, starting in 1810.

    3. The City of White Nights
    From 25 may to 16 July in St. Petersburg there is a surprising phenomenon – white nights. These days the sun sinks below the horizon not more than 9″, with the result that there is no darkness.

    4. A Window to Europe

    Palace Square in St Petersburg

    Peter the Great solved the problem of Russian access to the sea. “The window to Europe” meant a new relationship with the world powers. The name comes from the lines of Pushkin’s poem “bronze horseman”.

    5. The City on the Neva
    Neva the main water artery of the city. Thanks to it the city has magnificent granite quays, drawbridges and the romantic canals and those magnificent views that attract visitors from all over the world.

    6. The City of Three Rvolutions
    Semi-official name in the Soviet era, associated with the key role of the city in the revolutionary events of 1905-1907 and 1917;

    7. The Cradle of the Revolution
    Semi-official name in the Soviet era, associated with the revolutionary events in Petrograd on 25 October (7 November), 1917;

    8. The Cultural Capital
    The city attracts an extraordinary variety of attractions and cultural values. St Petersburg is famous for its architecture: monuments, museums, famous movable bridges, theatres, temples and many more. The particular niche occupied by the theatres working in different fields and genres. Young people of St Petersburg will appreciate the variety of festivals and great clubs. Saint Petersburg is a city of great poets, writers, actors, musicians, and artists.

    9. Petrograd
    After the outbreak of the First world war, Saint Petersburg on the wave of patriotism was renamed to Petrograd.  This was the official name of the city in 1914-1924.

    10. Leningrad
    After the death of the revolutionary leader V. I. Lenin, the city was renamed to Leningrad. It was the official name of the city in 1924-1991. It is sometimes used in our days, mostly people by older generations.

    11. The City of Lenin
    The name is often met in the Soviet era publications, in particular, on the posters of the Great Patriotic War.

    12. Leninburg
    Comic name, a mix of two different historical names.

    13. A Great City With Regional Destiny
    St Petersburg was built as the capital of the Russian Empire. It ceased to be the capital in 1918 because of the rapid offensive of the German troops on Petrograd. This name was given to the city by the Russian writer Daniil Granin and it reflected a sharp drop in the status of St. Petersburg in the Soviet period.

    14. Petropol
    Name found in poetry.

    15. The Beer Capital
    This name appeared in the 90-ies of XX century, since St. Petersburg is a host to the headquarters of the beer concern “Baltika”. In addition to “Baltika” there are several beer vendors in St. Petersburg.

    16. The Criminal Capital
    This name was used in the 1990-ies. During this period there were a series of  loud criminal events St. Petersburg. This topic is the subject of many movies.

    17. Peter 
    The abbreviated name from Saint Petersburg, one of the oldest and most beloved unofficial names of the city.

    18. The Russian Detroit
    This due to the presence and construction of several plants in the territory of the city and the surrounding area (Toyota, General Motors, Nissan, Ford, Hyundai); a plan to build a number of companies producing automotive components.

    19. The Northern Capital
    So often referred to this town, reminiscing about his pre-revolutionary capital status.

    20. S. P. b. (Upper case ‘S’ and  ‘P’ and lower case ‘b’)
    SPb is the acronym of the official stamp of the Saint-Petersburg mint before the revolution.

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