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Defender of the Fatherland Day

Defender of the Fatherland Day Today February 23 is Defender of the Fatherland Day! This used to be the Day of The Soviet Army. Today is a holiday in Russia. Fireworks over Peter and Paul fortress February 23, 21:00 In honor of defender of the Fatherland Day, from the walls of the Peter and Paul …


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Maslenitsa or Pancake Week Starts Tomorrow St. Petersburg, February 19.2017 Maslenitsa or Pancake Week also known as Cheese Fare and also as the Russian Mardi Gras starts tomorrow. This is a week before the Orthodox Lent starts. The celebrations will take place for the entire week. In the folk calendar of the Eastern Slavs, the …


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Bike to Work

International Action “Bike to Work” in St Petersburg Saint Petersburg, February 9. St Petersburg on Friday, February 10, will join the international action “Bike to Work”. The weather promises to be cold – minus eight degrees Celsius. To participate in this action you must register on the website On this day people are encouraged …


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Day of Military Glory

Breaking of the Siege of Leningrad Day of Military Glory St Petersburg, January 27 Today one can see torches lit on the Rostrum Columns at the Arrow of Vasilyesky Island. This is because today marks the 73rd anniversary of lifting of the siege of Leningrad (St Petersburg was called ‘Leningrad’ at that time). The siege of …


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Commemoration of Death of Dostoevsky

Commemoration of 136 years since the death of Fyodr Dostoevsky Saint Petersburg, January 26. On 9 February, the Northern capital will remember one of the great writers, the classic known around the world. St Petersburg plans to commemorate 136 years since the death of Fyodr Dostoevsky. Experts of from the works of the classic of …


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Peter and Paul Fortress

Peter and Paul Fortress – the first building of St Petersburg It was built during the Northern war with Sweden, waged by Russia for the return of access to the Baltic sea. The construction started on May 16, 1703.  This day is considered the day of Foundation of the city. Peter the Great gave the …


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Towns of Golden Ring of Russia

The so called “Golden Ring of Russia” is a symbolical ring linking historical towns and cities to Moscow. There are about 20 towns in the Golden Ring. Some are better known than the others. They represent 1,000 years of rich Russian history written in stone and wood. Each of the “golden” towns once had an …


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7 Million People Visited St Petersburg in 2016

Last year St Petersburg was visited by 6.9 million tourists, this is 400 000 more than in 2015. 2.8 million of them were foreigners. The Committee on tourism of the St Petersburg’s administration summed up total numbers for 2016 for the tourism industry of the city. According to the administration, last year St Petersburg was visited by 6.9 …


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Travel to Moscow, Russia

Travel to Moscow, Russia Moscow is one of the biggest cities that may still, in the minds of many Westerners, seem to be suitable as “escapade travel” thanks to the mafia depictions in movies. Take it all with a huge grain of salt, and do not let it discourage you from seeing Moscow’s many cultural …


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Travel to St. Petersburg, Russia

Travel to St Petersburg, Russia To many world-wide travelers in quest of adventure, Russia is a very desirable place to visit, and of course if you are going, you do not want to miss seeing the famous St Petersburg. St Petersburg is a Russian port city on the Baltic Sea. It was the imperial capital …